Section 8 Helpful Information

8.1 Graduate Students

8.1.1 Fellowships

Here is a list of fellowships that lab members recommend applying to:

  • NSF GRFP: apply in 1st or 2nd year of graduate school, deadline is typically early October. Provides 3 years of funding with an annual stipend ~$37k.
  • UCLA Fellowships: funding time frame and amount varies, eligibility criteria varies; consult the link for specifics on each fellowship. Fellowships graduate students have won in the past (so that you can reach out to that person for example materials) include:
    • Graduate Division Privately Endowed Fellowships: Faculty Women’s Club Scholarship (Fran; $3k).
    • Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Program (GSRM; Fran & Naomi; $6k for summer)
    • Graduate Research Mentorship Program (GRM; Fran & Naomi; $20k + tuition for academic year)
  • NIH F31 NRSA: apply in 3rd or 4th year, 3 different deadlines (April 8, August 8, December 8). Students typically propose 2-3 years of funding, yearly stipend is ~$26k.

8.1.2 Conferences

Conferences are a great way to practice presenting your work and meet new people in your area of interest! Below is a list of conferences that lab members frequently attend, how often the conference happens, the typical abstract deadline, and the typical month when the conference is held.

Conference Frequency Approx. Abstract Deadline Approx. Conference Month
SRCD Biennial September March
ISDP Annual August November
SAS Annual November March-April
Flux Annual March September